Rosco Needs Surgery

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I am Rosco a 3 year old shepherd. My brother Turbo and I have been together since we were born. Every adventure and moment we shared together. Earlier this week we found out that I have bone cancer. Bone cancer is a very aggressive cancers in dogs. I am only 3 and don’t know why this is happening to me. I have no energy anymore, I wish I could just play fetch with my brother. He gets so sad just seeing me lay around not doing anything. I am a strong pup and know i can beat this to play with Turbo again. The appointment alone just to tell us that I am sick cost $1000. I need surgery as soon as possible followed by chemo and radiation. Not to mention the after care costs. If I can’t get this care I won’t make it. I don’t want to leave Turbo behind😭 I hate asking for help, I am always the one who likes helping and have been a good boy. I am desperate for help to save my life. Anything helps! Even if you can just share and always keep me in your prayers that would mean the world!!