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Hi my name is Robert Sanita and i am suffering from mental illness promystic stressed disorder and raising money for Assistance Minddog so Sharla to became Assistance Minddog for people like me as i am am also partly deaf and and have blurry double vision i have spoken with professionals and they don’t know why this is happening to me

I am suffering from promatic mental illness disorder That my Brain! Frontal Lobe! Isn’t at full speed functional!
That affects my speech , eye vision and hearing also Other organs of the body like Hart! Phorid! I have spoken to professionals in this field and they don’t know why this is happening to me all I know is I have been born! This way
and it stops me! from getting a job and holding it down!

I Robert Sanita have been struggling all my growing life and now I need a dog to remind when I forget about just the easy things in life That’s why I need to raise funds and the money will be spent on training Sharla to become assistant minddog for me that I can take her into all Shopping centers and supermarkets even the Government officials buildings , plans and trains

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