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Raising money for operation on mother’s spine FREE JustGiving Viral Promo

My mother had a bad fall recently coming down the stairs at our home. She was taken to the main hospital in our area and x-rayed, and it turned out she had fractured two of the vertebrae in her spine. She was told nothing could be done other than to take painkillers. When she saw her doctor shortly afterwards, he said the same thing. I simply didn’t believe that nothing could be done, so I investigated on the internet and found that there is an operation called vertebroplasty in which the surgeon rebuilds and stabilizes fractured vertebrae by injecting ‘bone cement’ into them. I want to raise the £9714 (US$12,000) needed for my mother to have this operation. If you have ever been in constant, unrelenting pain, you will understand my mother’s situation, so any contribution, no matter how small, that you can make towards the cost of this operation will be appreciated immensely by my mother.