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Hello my name is Rachel. This past Saturday 7/15/17 my husband and nephews were out in front of our house and my 5 yr old Chiweenie Jaja was with them.

The neighbors that live in front of us have several dogs 3 medium size ones and one large husky that are always roaming free. Well that night my pup was minding his own business while with my husband and the large 40 pound husky grabbed my Jaja by the back with his mouth and tore into him pretty badly.

I rushed Jaja to the Vet and he ended up having two hernias and a large hole on his tummy. Jaja was in the hospital for two days and $2800 later the vet told me that my dog has broken ribs and possibly internal bleeding. The vet referred us to a specialist but our financial means have run out.

Unless we raise money for my Jaja to be seen and treated by the specialist he might not make it. We really want to save our boy he is like a son to me and my children love him very much.


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading our story.


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