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Please help champain we need little help w cost but most of all shes very sick has liver failure we ask 4 help what ever u can do god bless thank u

BRUTALLY ATTACKED – Published in The Sun, Daily Mail, Telegraph and many more.

I was once someone in the role of helping others


get back to work. Over coming fears, mental health, homelessness and so many other issues. I loved being able to be there. I was also always the life of the party, it would be me who would make all of my friends chuckle especially when I’m not meaning to. I’d say I was like some sort of naughty leprechaun…but I’m 5’11 so that’s that excuse out!!

However, as of 24th February 2018 my world was torn apart. Everything in my life came undone and the general public watched it all unravel in the papers and on TV.

I was brutally attacked and assaulted by an individual which has left me with severe PTSD, nightmares and flashbacks. The crime scene looked like someone had died, the blood was immense and I remember thinking this is it, I gave in to that moment.

It has ledt me with permanent damage to my back and leg. I have a trapped nerve running through my spine and left leg. I cant feel my left leg nor foot. On a good day I can walk a few steps with the help of morphine, diazepam, zapain (how am I still awake?!) …the works, a bad day I cant go anywhere and have to come up with another fun sounding reason for having yet another day in bed watching films with my 5 year old little boy or he ditches me for a nanny sleepover. (Dont blame him really!) The bed rest sounds great but trust me, after a few months cabin fever strikes and people vanish or dont want to be there anymore. Having had scans after scans, medication galore AND losing my home and job due to the sick time I was having to take my world crumbled. Even writing this down and letting anyone know this goes against my nature. I normally just smile and pretend everything is ok, I’m too proud.

I am now only 2 weeks away from my operation to try and hopefully limit the damage caused to my spine by this cowardly attack. I will be having a double Lumbar Discetomy in the hope that I can gain some normality again.

Frankly, I’ve become someone I used to help and that’s definately taken its toll on me mentally and also financially. So far I have lost £24,000 in earnings and still have months of recovery to go with yet no ability to work. And as you know, bills dont stop.

My one drive is to be able to take my little 5 year old boy Charlie away when I am better and just spend that quality time with him that he has been missing out on now for the last year. The guilt weighing on me is tremendously, so my focus and promise is this!!!!

Once I have had my operation and are fit enough, take my little boy away for a week. I miss that boy so much, I miss us. THEN I want to start fundraising to offer young women and men self defensive lessons free of charge by a local expert. This can be anyone who’s already been in or experienced some sort of verbal or physical abuse or bullying, giving them a safe place to chat and also learn how to protect themselves. I had my head smacked off a sink unit several times on a night out…it really can happen anywhere!

So I suppose what I’m getting at is anything you can personally do to help big or small please do. We’d not only be looking for funds to get me away for a week and to ease some issues but also volunteers for various tasks as we get off the ground.

I spent 4 months in my bedroom not wanting to come out after it happened, I lost my house and job. And on more than one occasion I have searched for an escape route to take it all away.

My son deserves better than that and he deserves to have the time made back upto him without all of the other worries of the world. And for me, knowing that I’m helping others learn self defense would bring me a sense of calm, a reason to keep on the fight.

If you want to know more Google search Anne-Marie Szwed. It’s been documented by lots of National newspapers and will be again after the person is sentenced.

This means the world to me, so please find it in your heart to help.

Thank you for stopping to read this and hopefully any help you can give.

Lots of love Anne-Marie

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