Provide Food And Clothes For 22 Ugandan Children

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My name is Nina and I am currently supporting a little girl and her family from Uganda. Tracy is already getting ready to go back to school next month thankfully to the support she has been already given… Unfortunately there in her area are 21 more children, orphans or with 1 parent only, that need our help too.

They are all living in very poor conditions, most of them have 1 pair of clothes only and not enough food. Going back to school for some of them sounds like something not possible due to the high expenses that comes with it… They are all very clever and talented and deserve to be given a chance for better future… Let’s prove to them that there are still good people out there, that make our world much nicer place to live. Please open your hearts and donate or share. Every little help makes a huge positive difference to them! Let’s make more children smile again!

Lets help these children

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