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Pre-Order Your New Waken Woman Perfume by Dinermate. My company Dinermate Fragrance Art Perfume and I, are requesting and asking backers to help place my luxury perfume, into the full public’s avenue of purchase. I have completely designed the perfume from scratch, the packaging, marketing, advertising, inside contents, created and did my own surveys, built the website, and filled all 2000 bottles of this lovely, floral, perfume of delight by hand. I am now needing funding to move it into the next stage of sales. I need to place it in magazines and on facebook, twitter, print magazines, and also do quality short / film commercials to get it into the public’s hands. Once I have all of the things in place, I will then need to place it in television shopping stores like QVC, HSN, and Evine. I will also need to get it in quality and luxury perfume stores as well. it is truly a luxury perfume of delight. This obviously will cost a lot of money to do these things. I simply have drained all of my life’s worth of savings on this invention and creation. I don’t have anymore money to complete this DREAM! Please check my crowdfunding page and view the other rewards to be offered. Even if you can’t give, will you please at least just share this with your friends and loved ones for me. Thank you so much for reading and caring. The individuals who actually purchase these first 2000 bottles will be listed on the webpage as the first backers of this company and if you leave a comment it may be included in the marketing with your name included. – Allen