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Please help my friend and her pets! Urgent! FREE GoFundME Viral Promo

I am trying to help my friend of 5+ years and her pets get out of a bad situation, she has two dogs and several cats, all which were local rescues from very outstanding conditions. She has been living off and on with her family for a while and they offer her no support at all, she has no where else to go, she is 19 and is needing to leave there before she is kicked out again, which means both her and the pets on the street! With winter quickly approaching!

Please just read the story and our plan, I don’t want her stuck in the winter cold, with all her pets and no where to go. I have been struggling to get her campaign on the rails but it doesn’t seem to be taking off, we’re hoping to get her out by January, if not sooner, please she really needs the help!