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Our Story

A wonderful giving Mom, a lovely life and a sudden medical tragedy

Our Story

After awakening Oct 4, 2011, I found my then 80 year old Mom lying on the kitchen floor unresponsive and in obvious peril. As a disabled Medic, I knew that her neurological signs were dire and I called an ambulance immediately. Upon evaluation in the ER, I was told she had a brain hemorrhage, they were transferring her to a trauma center and that I should call family to let them know they should come. The ER Doc said that it did not look good and that she would probably not make it through the night. She was transferred from that ER and taken into Neuro ICU at the Trauma facility. I was devastated as I called family members to tell them. After a few hours, a Neurologist came in, showed me some CAT Scan images and explained that Mom had a rather large brain hemorrhage. He explained that they would have to watch closely and that if she made it through 72 hours, she may live, but would basically be an invalid with no ability to move, eat, communicate or function on her own. He again mentioned that he doubted she would make it through 72 hours, given her age and current condition. The prognosis was dire. I sat and watched and waited as she lay helpless and unable to communicate from that ICU bed.

The Neurologist came, examined her, cautioned me about the small signs that were encouraging, repeating that if she could fight through another 24-36 hours, she may survive, but would be a bed bound invalid with little to no function. I wasn’t prepared to lose her.

The minutes seemed like days and the hours seemed like weeks. Suddenly, Mom opened her eyes, alarmed by the tubes, hoses and sounds of assisted breathing. I immediately reassured her that I was with her and to try to relax. I could see the terrified look on her face. She had no idea of what had happened, only that she could not move, talk or communicate with me in any way. It was obvious that she could hear me and was understanding, at least in part, as she tried to follow my requests to relax and try to take some deep breaths. The Doc came right away, examined her and said that he saw some encouraging signs. He also said that he could not explain the change, was amazed and said that in his experience her survival chances just hours before this were nearly nonexistent.

The Neurologist again talked to me and explained that her case was unusual, miraculous and inspirational, yet cautioned that she would most likely never again speak, eat food or drink by mouth, walk or function in any meaningful way and he explained that in most cases, after something this significant, the patients who do survive normally pass within less than one year.

She worked hard for months, used every bit of her strength and determination and went on to amaze everyone. She relearned how to swallow again safely, to speak, eat, smile, walk with assistance and write, even if difficult and dis-coordinate. She was called a medical miracle and she was my miracle for sure. She taught me so much about determination, strength and willpower during her illness.

The Impact

This woman was not just my Mom, she was a special angel and a Mom to me by choice. She lost a baby to a tubal pregnancy just a bit over a year before I was born which was a life altering event for her.​ She could not have any children after her that. When I was born after she lost her child, I was born to her youngest Sister and she immediately took to me in a special way, which brought joy back to her life after suffering her own loss. My biological Mom was only 19 when I was born. This Angel of a Mom found joy in my birth after losing her own child. She was able and willing to help her younger Sister and Brother in Law, both of whom she loved dearly with me. She was with me all through my early days, babysitting, feeding me, bathing me, helping and assuring I was well cared for. Then tragedy struck and my Dad died in an accident at age 22. She then assumed total responsibility for my care and upbringing.

I spent my entire life with this woman, watching her sacrifice so much to assure that I was cared for, educated, loved and watched over. Even as an adult she was always there for me and tried to assure my well-being. I became quite ill myself, nearly died and have been disabled for almost 2 decades. She stayed nearby and helped me when I physically could not help myself during the years prior to her own catastrophic illness. My folks also helped me get my lifelong home, where I have been for nearly 25 years. Money for her care had to be borrowed against the home. There were no other options.

What I Need & What You Get

I watched over her carefully and found her the best treatment that I could find, for all of her necessary care. That “less than one year” prognosis turned into almost FIVE years.
I wanted to continue, to the best of my ability, to try and assure her the same level of care, love, protection, comfort and dignity that she always afforded me and so I continued doing everything possible and everything that was required. Oh, there were ups, downs, bad times and good, sickness and hospitalizations, where she nearly passed away ….some very scary times.

It was never anticipated that this level of 24/7 care would be required for nearly 5 years, but I would not go back and do it differently if I could. I am proud that I could return some of that same love and safety that she freely gave me throughout my lifetime. She was always proud that I had a home, where I could be safe and comfortable through the rest of my life. With my precarious health issues, she was content knowing I was secure. Unfortunately, I am very near to losing all now as I have no way to pay back the money borrowed against the home for her care. I am devastated at the thought of losing my home, which prior to this was owned debt free, giving me nearly 25 years of security.

I have always been a helper to others who needed me. I am now praying for someone to help me, now that my own health issues, including MS & heart issues have kept me from the ability to get needed funds. Please, help me stay in my home and keep our memories safe here in this place where we shared our lives! All monies raised are for repaying the loan and taxes due on the home. Will you please consider helping? This is the final hope, before I find myself, my wonderful fur-kids and our memories out in the cold, without a home.

Other Ways To Help
It’s great when people can help donate. But if you can’t donate at this time, it doesn’t mean that you can’t help. Please share my story via social media, email and word of mouth to tell your friends about my campaign. Thank you in advance!
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Today I received a 30 day foreclosure notice. For a medical loan & care for my ailing Mom, of less than half of homes value, I will lose all. I would normally not do this, but am desperate. I have chronic disabling health issues, which prevent me from regular daily activity. I have dogs, a cat, birds … we will all be homeless if I cannot find help fast. Please consider helping and RT. Thank you.–2/x/4570964