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Life-saving praa surgery for puppy
Ok we have exashsted all avenues we know. Piper needs PRAA surgery. We will love her until it’s time for her to go, and give her love and a good life, no matter how short if we don’t get funding. We knew going in you can’t save every puppy, but she is so spunky and sweet. She weighs 2# 10 ounces now. It costs $595 to have her tested and reviewed prior to surgery, that needs to happen soon.
Then surgery and recovery is 7,000-9,000 and we don’t have it. We try to help when we can. It’s not just the surgery it’s the recovery in a 24 hour emergency facility that puts the cost so high. If we are going to do this we will need a lot of donors. Please share. The longer she waits, the worse side effects and chance of megaesophagus.

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