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Physical and psychological bills GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

In my village there is Hunumant sawant family, They have big son who is suffering from lymph-edema of leg. Where his right leg is not functional at all.

Please if you can donate to him as he don’t have any Disability Support Pension and need money for psychological bills, MRIs for his leg and he need to pay for more MRIs as he need surgery on his leg and after surgery he needs 8 Chamber Bio Compression Sequential Circulator for manual blodd rotation

8 Chamber Bio Compression Sequential Circulator which costs 1500 dollers with garments which may be help him to clear this leg and make it some what functional.

I already bought this from USA and shipping this to india next week. This sawant family is farmer and not able to spend this much amount for there son. so I trying to collect as much as amount to support them.

I am going to withdraw amount behalf of hanumant sawant