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Nursing student Volunteers to work in Ghana’s deeply under-resourced the hospitals.

Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Claire Dyer, 33, and I am a student nurse.

November 2012 I undertook a role in the NHS as a Health Care Assistant at Northampton General Hospital and through working in what started out as just a job, became a valuable insight into the high expectations that is required from a staff nurse. Therefore realising this new burning ambition in 2014 I started a Bsc Hon in Adult Nursing at The University of Northampton.

I sat in the first lecture on the first day with my heart pounding. “This course will be a roller coaster” and boy they were not wrong. I didn’t know it yet but the 3 years of the degree were going to be so long.
From getting married in the first year, that in between 40hr placements on hospital wards, assignments tears and excitement.

The morning before my anatomy and physiology exam, I popped over to wish my Mum and Dad a happy holiday. Dad lay on the sofa, I gave him a kiss goodbye said I love and I would see him when they got back. I didn’t know that the next morning I would receive a phone call that would shatter my world, and give me the hardest 12 months of my life. I urge anyone if you have someone in your life that you haven’t said I love you too for a while, do it. You never know when it will be too late. My dad left me knowing he was loved.

Grief is an awful thing, I can’t explain it, can’t verbalize the pain. But I carried on with my nursing degree until it was too much and I broke down on my placement in A&E after seeing a family in a very similar situation to ours. I realised I wasn’t ok, I wasn’t taking care of myself so how on earth could I take care of my patients. I had to take a study break.

With the counselling I have been receiving and help from my GP I feel I am in a good place to embrace to a new year and that in fact the break I had chosen to take was the right decision at the right time.

So I am finally feeling much better and ready for a fresh start, and I just landed a place at King’s College London in the sought after Florence Nightingale faculty to recommenced my second year of studies to become a qualified nurse.

On top of all of this I have chosen to do an elective placement and I have started a new project, and this where you Stylist come in as a massive support of causes to support women.

I have an opportunity to go to Ghana in March next year it is an amazing chance to help underfunded hospitals in desperate need of staff and resources. Plus a few weeks in the community helping those pregnant mummies deliver their babies safely as it is heart-breaking how high mortality rates are in fact in 2015, 2800 women and babies died during delivery due to no healthcare being available. I have a massive passion for women’s health especially after years working obstetrics and gynaecology and I don’t think this needless loss of life should go unaided. This project also helps without reach of HIV vaccines and Malaria to project young families.

I would once again be in your debt and eternally grateful for any donations to support this cause.
I look to you to help me continue my journey. I cannot do it without your help support and generosity.

Please help not me but those women not as lucky as us to have an NHS.

Lots of Love
Student Nurse Claire Dyer
King’s College London