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My names are Joyce Muraya from Kenya. I recently applied to and got an offer to do my graduate studies in War and Psychiatry at King’s College London.

You can imagine my excitement especially coming from an African country where study opportunities to highly accredited institutions of learning are a rarity. I could say my biggest motivation to advance my studies was my father. He was an avid reader and believed in the power of education.

Sadly he passed on in 2010. But what is most profound, even at 47, he embarked on his MA studies, age not withstanding, a legacy I would like to follow.

Just a cursory view into my life, I work in the humanitarian field contributing towards programming that help vulnerable populations in Somalia. An important aspect of such assistance is psycho-social support; a field that resonates well with me and for which I would like to contribute towards.

I believe psycho-social support is vital and it is important that it is integrated into all programmatic elements and more importantly to those affected by stressors such as economic hardship, social disruptions, physical and psychological violence just to name a few. Stressors such as these are a growing reality in a conflict affected country like Somalia.

The course offers among other objectives an understanding on the psycho-social discourse especially to those affected by war.

I view it as an important stepping stone into what can be a contribution to developing psycho-social programmes and ensuring support reaches to those who need it most.

As an overseas student in London, tuition, living expenses, books can be a nightmare. Your contribution towards this puts me well into a path that I am passionate about. I would therefore like to appeal to you to help me achieve my dream.

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