Nicolas – Please help a pianist!!

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I’m Nicolas Rüdiger Cuadra (22yo), I’m a pianist from Arica, Chile. I play the piano since my childhood like when I was 6yo.  However, during the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, I could not have an income due I can not perform at concerts thanks to covid-19 lockdown.

This pandemic had hit me pretty hard, I currently don’t have my own piano to practice because thanks to covid-19 very sadly and heartbroken  I had to sell my grand piano due to the financial crisis and used my savings since covid-19 lockdown began (no gathering, no concerts so no money), I can’t afford to buy a piano now. A friend borough me his electric piano once a week to practice but I really need to practise every day.  Performing at concerts is my passion and I like to perform again. I have enough money just to pay my bills and my grandmother medical bill (my grandma live with me, she’s disabled), I’m currently working in a restaurant. 

I decided to ask the community for help so I could have my own piano to practise for concerts again. This means the world for me, I will definitely be grateful for life. Your help will have a huge positive impact on my career. The funds are going directly to the purchase of a used piano. God bless you.

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