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Nastya was born in Ukraine on September 03, 2009, everything was beating good until her high temperature began to flow and it became she was breathing heavily.

The parents were scared and called the doctor, when doctors came and took Nastya to the hospital and there she was shown acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

She passed 3 quarters of chemotherapy, she had spinal cord puncture more than 10 times in chest and spinal cord,Many times a was under anesthesia,chemistry corrodes all cells in the body.

Nastya was in the hospital 9 months and 1,5 ears was home on the chemistry and tablets.

Now she is feel much better but there is still a weakness .The doctor prescribed her rehabilitation for high-calorie food, fruit, rest and sea air, but the treatment took a lot of money and the parents gave everything they had,But since the parents have no money,And Nastya is in great need of financial support and improve her health.

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