My Stem cell transplant & 3 boycott NFL domain names included

Most importantly this money is being raised for my stem cell transplant which is needed for my Multiple Sclerosis of 14 years. “MS stops people from moving” The total monies needed will be North of $225,000.00 plus the expenses, and follow up out of state, hospital visits.
Additionally, I am giving away three domain names boycotting the NFL. I have no issues with someone properly disputing / discussing / debating any topic, however I will NEVER agree with doing it at the expense, and or disrespect of this amazing country which allows respected athletes to make up to, and over, (some) $10,000,000.00 a year in salary. Additionally, while on their employers time clock. Wrong platform(s). Hence the now falling NFL ratings and revenue. I am approved for the stem cell transplant, at a top university hospital in the US. The stem cell treatment is called HSCT . I will email all the details if needed. The total treatment is approx. a month long which includes multiple hospital stays, travel, hotels, a caregiver and treatments including some chemo plus much, much more. Right now insurance is NOT covering the treatment, which is why I am creating this GOFUNDME campaign. Additionally, I am including three domain names, I own, for you to show your disapproval of the NFL and allowing players to kneel during our National Anthem. I own the domains, and they will be given to the person who donates the highest amount. They can sell them, use them, start websites, or whatever they want. Those domain names are:
They will be given to the highest bidder as long as goal is financial goal is met. The transplant is NEEDED. I thank you for help on this. I will gladly verify anything written here. Thank you for taking the time to read and understand. “MS stops people from moving”.

Dave G.