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My Campaign for Happines GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

I’m a local friend, family member and volunteer. For years I have always been the one to do everything I can for those I care for and even for perfect strangers. I never asked for anything in return. Helping is just what I do best. Recently my life has fallen apart.

The state won’t help me because I make “too much money” to qualify. That too much money is a whopping $34 over what they consider low income. I bring in 200/week after taxes if I am lucky. I work 60 hr weeks and barely get to see my family.

I’m not lazy, I’m motivated and strive to be the best I can be but the money I make isn’t anything close to what I need to be able to provide for both my bills and my children. I have tried many different routes to bring in more money. I honestly would love to just be able to get my kids what they want for Christmas.

Christmas is coming up. I have no way of providing a good and happy Christmas for my loved ones without burying myself deeper in debt. Those around me are struggling and I couldn’t bare asking them to help me, so for once, I’m asking those I’ve helped out there to please help.

A few told me to try out this site but I feel like a begger by doing this. I don’t feel like this will change things for me but maybe there are a few decent people left out there that are like me and would be willing to help a perfect stranger. This is my last chance to figure out a way to make this holiday great for those around me. If you can help, thank-you. If you can’t, I understand. I won’t pass any judgement. I will still answer the 911 calls of my neighborhood and surrounding towns.

I will still go out of my way for those I love and care for. I will still do my best for the animals brought to me seeking homes. I will never stop doing what I love to do. Everything can change in the matter of a moment. I never realized how real that was until all of this happened. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. Show love to your family and friends. Capture the happy moments and save them to brighten the dark ones. Thank-you again.

– If I reach my goal by Christmas, I will be donating 500$ in gifts to the Wounded Warrior Project. If I exceed my goal, I will be donating $1,000.