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Music with meaning FREE Kickstarter Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

My purpose is to share my story in hopes I reach the ones who feel lost as I once was. My music tells my story. This money will help get us the studio equipment we need to make our message radio ready. I produce, write, and engineer all my own music you can take a listen at this funding will also help promote and get my message the exposure it needs to reach the ones intended. I know now what my purpose in life is, I’ve been blessed with a gift and I feel it’s my responsibility to use this first in a way that helps those look passed and feel forgotten. It’s never to late to take control of your life. It all depends how bad you want it, there’s no excuse for us not reaching our fullest potential, the only one standing in our way of greatness is staring back in the mirror.

Risks and challenges

Weather my message is profitable or not to be honest isn’t really a concern. Once recorded and released this words will never faid they will forever be available to those willing to listen. If as much as one person is effected in a positive manner and is helped by my story in some way, I’ll be successful. Money is made of only paper and ink the true value lies in knowledge and sharing that wisdom with those in need.