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Moving to another state FREE GoFundME Marketing

The lady you see in this picture is named Theresa. A few years ago her mother and father got sick and needed someone to help take care of them. She didn’t think twice about it and took care of them. About 4 years ago her father died so that left her to take care of her mother.

They need to move to another state that has a better chance for her to get a good job. She been applying for jobs where she lives but the job situation is horrible there. There have been a few job in Phoenix that wanted to talk to her but until she can get there she can’t even talk to them about a job.

In addition, her mother has COPD and other health problems and has been in and out of the hospital this year and the doctor believes moving to Phoenix or around that area would help her mother.

In order for them to do this they would need people to help donate funds for them. She would need to get a mover to move the stuff in their apartment to a new location. The movers would charge her between 2,000 to 4,000 to move their belongings and they don’t have very much. Since they dont’ have a car they will save on that since they don’t have to move the car.

Why she doesn’t have a car is due to her brother, who stole their car. In addition to that her brother pushed Theresa against a cement wall and broke some of her teeth, which she hasn’t been able to replace either.

She has to do this due to the fact her mother’s health is not condusive to a long drive and she is in a wheelchair so they would have to fly and for a one way ticket would cost them about $600 just for the flight.

Then they will need money to put a deposit down on an apartment and she has located one around that area that will fit their needs and allow her mother to be able to move out of the living room and into her own bedroom.

She will also need to put down a deposit for electric in the new area. All this will run between 8,000 to $10,000 to get everything set up.

She has always taken care of things but for once I want her to see there are wonderful people like yourself that really care about others and will help her and her mom

One thing else she is an avid Star Wars fan.

They are looking to move in February but would if they are able to get this money before February then they would move sooner. It would be a nice present for them if they could be there for Christmas.

Can you please show people care and help these people?

Thank you for your time in reading this and please help them.