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Mother and child rebuilding their life after abuse

Raising money for a mother and daughter who no longer deal with an abusive male in the house. No names or real details will be given to protect them.there is a court order protecting them but the courts arent open 24/7. The mother was with the male for a decade years. She was controlled to say the least. told what she could do, when she could do it, what to eat (she was 120 lbs “fat”) There were many nights that she worried for the male who was out partying and then would come home drunk and not very nice to say the least. things got broken, thrown, welts were left. One time she was woken up at 1 or 2 in the morning to go fetch him from the state police after he was charged with DUI. She had to wake up 2 children in the middle of the night (one is out of school and living on her own now) and drove to the state police to get him. While 8 months pregnant she was cleaning up his puke from another night out with friends and who knows what else. She found out about a girlfriend of his.. kept it together for the kids.. Found out about another girlfriend.. kept it together for the kids. He never went to the kids schools or sporting events. more bad times than good. Time passed and the male decided to marry the third girlfriend so he made the mothers life terrible yet again until they were divorced. he took their child (as the court said would be fine) and dropped her off with his girl friend and whoever else was free to watch her.. she would come home with bruises, claw marks from the cats, hungry and dirty. one time they were in a car accident and the mother was never notified, the only way she found out was the daughter telling her. later it was in the paper to verify it. she was used as a pawn to hurt the mother who has more than one reason not to trust the man. children and youth were called into the males house once for the oldest child and multiple times for abuse allegations to one of the new wife’s children. There was no legal standing that she could keep her daughter home and safe. one day the male got tired of the daughter just like he had gotten tired of the mother. he sent the mother a message stating that he would sign off his rights to her if the mother dropped child support. there was no question. the mother would do anything to keep her daughter safe. the male (to the mothers surprise) actually signed off. it was one of the best days ever when she got the official copy from the courthouse! This mother is now a free single mother with her beautiful daughter in the house. She works two jobs to try to pay the bills. She is proud of the fact that she is not on welfare. With winter coming, the bills will be bigger than most months. the house that she has been in since they were together- the mortgage with escrow accounts for about 75% of her full time job, not leaving much for groceries and utilities. She has worked 2 and 3 jobs most of her life, she is no stranger to work. she sells baked goods to help pay for her daughter to go to camp. She and her daughter volunteer at a local organization, helping to serve meals.