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Please help support our 30 year celebration of family. We are hosting our 15th biennial Morris-Pendar-Turner family reunion. Our mission is to bring our entire family from all over the world together for an epic 3-day gathering to educate our family of young men and women on the power of love, the strength of family and the benefits of good health & fitness.  We want to empower them with the self confidence to achieve their utmost potential.

Our family is deeply rooted in our Christian faith & the power of prayer.  Over the past 30 years we have  grown by leaps and bounds, although we have been blessed to have such a large diverse family, we have had many premature losses, family members gone to soon.

As we embark on this journey to reach out to all of our U. S. family & our active military family members serving abroad, the task of assembling everyone in one place to celebrate our love of family & love of God is enormous.  With all of our love we ask for your support to help us reach our goal, so we can lift up our entire generation through education, celebration, faith and love.  All monies donated will go directly to facilitate the scheduled 3 days of events.  God Bless!

Thank you in advance, God is Love!!

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