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More Than Depression CrowdFunding Booster

My main vision for MoreThanDepression now is turning it into a community-based website for people that struggle with mental illness. I want to create a cross-platform site & app that anyone can join. I want them to be able to post their stories and talk about their struggles. I want to provide a safe community people can give and receive support on, so many people end their lives every day due to mental illness. Some of them could have been saved if only they had the means of venting to people who care and understand. Sometimes all it takes is just one person to be there to pull you out from the darkness. It breaks my heart that so many people end their lives every day. I know what it’s like to feel like no one in the world cares about you. It makes a bad feeling worse when you have to cope with everything alone. I was suicidal for many years and hospitalized multiple times throughout my life. However now, I understand that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and now my only goal in life is to help others feel better. One day at a time!