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Modern Mind Mechaniques

This is the most important book in PSI belongs!

This book is all over what Telekinesis is, what it´s all about and how to learn PSI.

Modern Mind Mechaniques is going to change your life forever!

The following chapter are:

x) Information Level Structure = Size of needing the Information itself

x) The deep understanding of destiny + coincidence + free will

x) Psychomathic

x) Hypnosis

x) The god formula

x) The secret of Life

x) PsychoPSI+PRO~PhysicsProductPower

x) Effect energy

x) Kinesis execution

x) Learning PSI

x) Using PSI

x) Plasmaconsciousness

x) The Sense of dimensions and how much we have!

x) Logic & Believing

x) Lucid Dream and the awaken

x) and many many more!!!