Mixed Material KickStarter ViralExposure Booster Campaign

Campaign URL or Website URL : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tiacaldwell/mixed-material?ref=project_build

My campaign is about raising funds to buy art supplies so that I can create and put a little beauty back in the world. And to also try new mediums for creating.


Growing up I sketched here and there, more or less doodled, and then I decided to be a graphic designer after High School. I started classes online to take care of core classes and then in the beginning of 2017 I went to a traditional college where I took studio one. I thought all I wanted to do was use my microsoft book to sketch and draw, but during the second half of studio one I had to paint and realized that I wasn’t too bad at it, and that I actually enjoyed it. This also brought out my love for other things such as sculpting (currently working on a faerie village out of Styrofoam and hopefully clay once purchased.)  I’ve had other ideas such as resin, which I know is pretty popular already, but each piece is unique and I want to try some different things with it. My ultimate goal is to eventually have a studio, but for now I’m just wanting to raise funds to buy supplies to start on new projects, and finish ones currently in progress. If you are wondering whether or not I finished school, I have not, I have two kids and decided I wanted to stay home with them and in the mean time create too.

Risks and challenges

There are always risks, I’m not a professional artist and in no way claim to be, anything I do is experimental and still have to try and prefect. I don’t plan to quit, but only get better and find what I’m good at. Since I have kids, there could be scheduling conflicts or other things that happen. Life happens as some people like to put it, and it’s true.


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