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I am Mark Wittenberg and love & have a lot of respect for Michael Jackson, I’m a fan since the age of 5 although usually I say since before I was born… I travelled the world to see him & was lucky to have met him several times.

What bothers me is to see the lies about him, The world has gone crazy. I dont pretend I alone can set the record straight, I don’t have to. Michael was proven 100% innocent of all accusations in court. I was there at the start, middle & end of the trial.

In 2005 I saw many of the prosecutions “witnesses” None of them could convince the jury.  (more of this in the original court transcripts). To the opinionated ones, before making stupid remarks about Michael and offend his family, me and all the fans around the world. Try something different, for once in your life and read further:

Michael Jackson, the Mozart of this time, was a pure, innocent good man who brought joy, hope & light to the world, through his voice, music, dance, video’s, vision & art. “Make this world a better place” was his motto. Meanwhile Michael fought a lot of battles during his lifetime. And you can count on this: you will learn he still is today. I guess you are thinking right now, and that is exactly what I want you to do.
To immediately stop eventual rumors, I don’t believe in the MJ death hoax.

Michael unfortunately is no longer physically with us. I know this for a fact, I was there at the 2009 memorial, and the family gathering with his family and children afterwards. I talked with Michael’s mother. You might challenge me on this but I have the truth on my side.

Michael Jackson is ever present and in that sense immortal.
His fans will carry on Michaels legacy.

To all who doubt Michael, instead of judging, be brave for once in your life and just dive into the world of MJ. There is a lot already told, for example you can read his book Moonwalk. Or watch the official video’s, it’s a start…

After this you can form your own opinions, and I bet you will learn that most media lies, and I bet you will say: “I, didn’t know Michael and when I got to know him, I can say only one thing: I love you Michael”, and he would say: “I LOVE YOU MORE!”

But you may think now, why am I here? Well, I have caught your attention and you can help me.
Just donate when you don’t want to read further and if you do, be my guest! Because I have a lot to offer for both you and the world for generations to come.
What I offer is:
– sharing my personal experience with Michael Jackson.
– From seeing him from the TV screen far far away to
up close, shoulder to shoulder.
– Never released photo’s,
– Stories that will dazzle you, jump up with joy, and makes you Smile

It would be disrespectful to say my book about Michael Jackson is for dummies. Because it is not. It opens the eyes of the non fans and is interesting enough for the supporters, music lovers and die-hard better said experienced fans!
Short said: for the fans, for the non fans.
But first and foremost, for Michael and his Children.
(we are the world, we are the children)…
So, dive into Michael Jackson’s world, you wont regret it!

About the book:
Perhaps you can spare a few dollars/euro, or make a bigger donation to help me get my book out there:
– #1 I love & respect Michael Jackson, who I met several times
– I want people to get to know the real Michael Jackson as I have known   him, and not the brainwashed version of MJ the media wants you
to believe.
– Im not raising money in a get rich quick scheme, think about it, I want
to raise 5000,- to get some things done that I cant do alone.
I can’t edit, my English is not perfect, I need to find a trustful party to
get the books printed.
– I doubt that the mainstream media want to see
an all positive book about MJ, so I need to get it shipped out myself at
much higher rates.
– Like said, a lot of interesting unreleased photo’s will be featured
– I will not sell out Michael Jackson by spreading b.s. stories.
– I will not do business with parties who want editorial control over the
– Book is 98% ready
Money you spent will be used for bringing the right parties together
to get it finished
– All you can expect in this book is L.O.V.E. for Michael Jackson, the  
  person who happened to be the King of Pop, Past Present and Future!

Thank you for your support
Love & Peace!

Ps this photo is taken 7 july 2009, in Staples center when entering, more info about this will be shared in the book. I shared one photo of MJ in Monaco, there are a lot more but these will in the book



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