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Mellonie’s leakaemia marathon run Hi, this is my sister Mallissa Ann Brown. When she was healthy. Mallissa was strong minded and did what she thought was right. She would give you the shirt off her back if you asked for it.
In january 2015at the age of 39 she was to have her first child.

She was ecstatic. In february the same year she had first blood test for the pregnancy. They found M.D.S a reletively new cancer that attacks the bone marrow. There is no cure. She was advised to terminate her baby to go forward with agressive chemotherapy treatment.
She refused.
They said that she would probably mis-carry at 14 weeks. She didn’t. Thenk it was 18 weeks- she didn’t.
During this time she developed A.M.L.
A blood cancer. She was admitted to hospital and spent weeks having treatment and care. At 32 weeks the medical team and her deterioration was such that they decided to bring the baby.