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I have recently been accepted onto an MBA course at Imperial College, which will cost £34,000.

I currently have a 1 year old son and my partner is on maternity leave, so money is very tight right now. However I don’t want to lose this opportunity.

Having left School at 16 I progressed within Technology, with hard work, whilst also earning a degree. 13 years on from leaving School, I have now been accepted onto an MBA course.

I intend on doing something more with my MBA. I want to start up a charity upon completion of the qualification, as a side project to my work. I would like to help kids from deprived areas in London and the UK, then looking further a field to developing countries and the USA & South America.

I hope the skills I learn from my MBA and the skills from my job roles can inspire other kids who leave school early or are heading down the wrong path, to then give hope and confidence to succeed.

I have done volunteer work before, but to use my MBA skills to set up a charity and change the lives of others in deprived areas, that would be unbelievable. To get kids on the right path and into the careers they really want to be in, within business and technology. Offering guidance, work experience and access to the correct courses.

I will do volunteer work during my studies to gain an insight into how I would go about starting the correct charity and building my skill set.