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Hello. I’m Harriet. I’m 57 years old, and I’m in trouble. I have applied for SSI Disability for PTSD, chronic major depressive syndrome, and extreme anxiety – due to physical and sexual abuse.

I was my mother’s caretaker (it’s her picture, along with mine here), as she was terminally ill, and after she passed, I was left with no income or savings. We lived in HUD housing and $1000 a month for both of us, and I loved her dearly. We lived together a lot of our lives, and when she died, a big part of me died with her, unfortunately.

My recommended treatment is to see a psychiatrist once a month to obtain my medications, to see a psychologist for one-on-one therapy twice a week, and vocational rehabilitation once a month – to prepare me to reenter the workplace in some way, when my doctor gives the go ahead. My recovery has been a full-time job in itself.

Social Security and my attorney both made major errors in my SSI Disability application. This cost me one year in time, and I had to start at the beginning four months ago. It might take more than another year, before I get a hearing. In the meantime, my team of doctors do not believe I am ready yet to work.

I have no family who can help me with my rent, and I will be on the street, if I can’t work. I am an animal advocate, and I help rescue animals to no-kill shelters, so I do believe in giving back to my community.

For the last year, Social Services has been paying my rent. I get food stamps, and I have no other income. They recently informed me that they will no longer be able to pay my rent, because I’ve exhausted my benefits.

My doctors still feel it isn’t time for me to go back to work yet, and when I do, it should be slowly, as I have been having suicidal ideologies. I am in a vocational rehabilitation program that takes six months.

So, as you can see, my need is dire. When I’m ready, I want to work for a vet or animal organization. Right now, I don’t know if what I have will get me to my SSI determination, and I’m very frightened of being on the streets.

These funds will help pay for my rent for me (I live in a small studio). My rent is $450 a month with electricity. If I get my SSI before I need rent, I will take down this page.

Believe me when I tell you that I wouldn’t ask if I was safe and secure in knowing I will have a roof over my head, until I can get SSI or work. I had a job and car, before my Mom’s illness, and I was independent. I’m just in trouble now.

If you connect to my story of sexual and mental abuse that has changed you, almost being homeless and scared, unable to work, not wanting to live, and you feel the will to give, it would be really appreciated. Anything will help.

Thank you so much for caring and for sharing this page, if you would please. ~Harriet

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