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Marilyn’s Self-Published Book Fund GoFundMe CrowdFunding Promotion

Fund created to help me publish my first novel – Warrior Girl: The Beginning

Hi, my name is Marilyn T Bostick. I threw the T in there because as a writer I go by MT Bostick. And that will be the name on my first novel in a series titled Warrior Girl .

I am raising money so that I can self publish my novel. I plan to sell it world wide as an eBook, printed soft back, printed hardcover, and POD (Print On Demand). Before I put my book up for sale, I need it to be thoroughly edited and a cover designed for it. Editing services and cover design services take money, as well as turning my book into the aforementioned formats.

The money donated towards my project will be spent on editors, graphic design, formatting for eBook, formatted for softback print book, and hardcover printbook. There are also costs for POD and marketing. I could go cheaper, but you get what you pay for. I love my story and I think it’s exciting and fun. I believe people will truly enjoy reading my novel and I want to make that experiences as enjoyable as possible. I intend to pay for a deluxe cover, several different layers of editing, and several different formats for my book. This all costs money and none of it is cheap. That is unless I choose it to be. If I do that, I run the risk of poor editing services taking away from what would be an enjoyble and exciting read. I would go with an inferior cover work, which would get my book passed over by those looking for a great reading experience. Let’s face it folks, we do judge books by their covers. I know this to be true, because when I’m shoping for a book, the cover is the first thing that catches my eye. I then read the book blurb to see if it’s a book that would excite me. The cover always catches the readers eyes first, then we pick up that book to find out what it’s about. Cover art is very important and I want terrific art reflecting the story within the cover of the book. Once the reader gets past the cover it’s onto the story. I can’t say enough about a well, professionally edited book. I’ve picked up my share of eBooks that were not professionally edited to wind up being sorry I took the time to invest in the story it was so poorly written and developed. I won’t let that happen to one of my books. Everything about my book will make it worth your investment and time to read. A hell of a rollercoaster ride is in store for you!

I hope to have this book published this year and out to paying audiences this year as well. I’m excited about getting my book to you. As I mentioned, this is the first book in a series I am creating. One that will hopefully run for a very long time and be one of your favorites to read. This book will introduce to you two young ladies who live off planet Earth out in the galaxy in the far future. They will move from that planet to join a military organization that protects all colonized planets within a known galaxy. They will have many adventures and mysteries along the way. I love science fiction and mysteries so my stories will combine the two. No matter what is happening in the books, you can be gauranteed a great mystery to go along with everything else that is happening. As a young girl I wanted to be a famous writer. I may not become famous, but it is thrilling to be in the process of making part of that dream come true. With your generous donation.

Though I love to write, there aren’t words enough to describe to you how thankful I will be for each donation my project receives. There are gifts at certain levels of donations to help express my appreciation. I hope that some of my exuberance and excitement has worn off of me and onto you through this writing. It’s always fun to be part of something exciting and watching something artful grow into a reality is both fun and exciting to be a part of. Please, won’t you help me turn this into a reality? Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope in some way we beome partners in this endeavor.