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Leia’s leg surgery GoFundME Campaign Viral Marketing


I am a new cat owner that has been graced with the pleasure of raising one of the most beautiful cats on this earth. (Turkish-angora)

I am raising money in hopes of getting Leia (yes named after the princess!) the surgery she needs to keep growing strong.

She is only 8 months old and I have had her since was 7 weeks old. She is one of my babies! She has a brother Binx (named after the cat in Hocus Pocus).

I know her brother would be grateful for any help as well, as they love to play together all the time!

She has had a terrible accident of hurting her leg when I was away at work. so I am not sure how exactly she hurt her leg. Her leg had a good cut on the paw as well that I have gotten that addressed and healing for her, but she still has significantly hurt her hind leg to the point of breaking her growth plate. It’s heart breaking to watch such a loving animal be in any kind of pain, or not do simple things like run around with her brother.

This link will explain the different type of breaks that can happen. She thankfully has a type (1) break which is a less serious break than the rest, not requiring screws and plates to be added to her leg. None the less still a very serious injury due to her being so young and still growing.

The money I am raising here will all go towards the surgery, office fees, and additional care and supervision from the doctors. Any amount will help get her in to the see the surgeon, the faster the better ofcourse.

These are my two babies! You can never anticipate how much something will mean to you, and they have really grown on me. I don’t know what I would do without them in my life now.

Anything would be greatly appreciated to help Leia with her surgery. I know Binx would love to have her up and running around with him again.

Thank you for reading!
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Leia’s leg surgery
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