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Legal Fees for Child Custody FREE GoFundME Marketing

Hello, my name is Maria A. Reyes. I am a mother of four beautiful boys and I am trying to raise money in order to fight for the custody of three of my sons their names are as follow: Rogelio Cerda III, Leonardo Isai Cerda and Alan Samuel Cerda. Their ages are 11, 10 and 8 respectively. My sons were wrongfully taken from me by my ex-husband and his lawyer. I was given papers to sign for my divorce with the idea that I was keeping my children, but since they did not explain what the divorce paper said and I do not know how to read english, I was not aware of what they were planning on doing. I was deceived by my ex-husband due to my language barrier. The money will be used to pay the legal fees for a lawyer in order to fight for the custody of my kids. I love my kids. They are the only thing I have left I dont have any other family, they are my life and my reason to live. I will be very grateful for all eternity to every single one of you kind and generous people that help me in the fight for my children. I will owe you my life.

This message was created by my great friend Rodrigo Hernandez due to my inability to read or write in english.