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My husband and I are in desperate need of funds. He is a Navy Veteran who is suffering with several physical issues from his service time and I have bum shoulder acquired at lowes hardware store who laid me off a few weeks after returning to work after surgery waiting for regular social security disability assistance.

We have NO income at the moment and need to relocate immediately we have no home, we are in an unacceptable trailer without necessities and we just desperately need some help! If it wasn,t for our church and some other individuals we would not be as far as we are now, we are descent folk and will gladly help others if we can just get back on our feet.

We will be eternally grateful to any and all that can help. We need to move . winter is setting in , we are not prepared for winter here, propane is empty and there’s no water hook up , we have access to a garden hose in the pump house ,