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Keep a Veteran’s Dream Alive Patriot Park IndieGoGo Boost IDIDIT Campaign

Help us keep Patriot Park alive, a campsite/resort with a scenic view of the Illinois River.

Patriot Park is a scenic property located above the Illinois River outside Tahlequah, Oklahoma. River frontage surrounded by the Nikel Federal Wildlife Reserve, this property has been a site for events and vacationers alike.

The current owner, a veteran, wishes to travel. We’d like to keep his property alive and going as a vacation destination year-round. Help our family maintain a resort with sturdy buildings, convenient campgrounds and a large shop perfect for day-time events!


Hi! We’re the Davis family. Oklahoma born and raised, we’ve been floating the Illinois River for years. We’ve loved the beautiful scenery, the friendly faces, and the awesome experience to be had around the Tahlequah area and in the Illinois River resorts. On our yearly float in 2016, we met veteran and longtime river resident Ross, current owner of Patriot Park.

Ross informed us of his wish to travel, to sell his property and spend more time with his grandchildren. So, after much consideration and time invested in exploring the possibilities of this property, we decided we’d like to maintain and grow this scenic river destination.

We have only one problem: financing.

With your help, we can purchase this property and keep it open for families, groups, couples etc. to come and enjoy the Illinois River and gorgeous surroundings year-round. If we are able to finance this property we will have it up and running in time for Summer, even Memorial Day, so anyone willing can book a stay or event with us in time for Summer 2017.

Once we’ve gotten started, this property will allow for group camping (motorcycle clubs, boy/girl scouts, reunions, etc.), events and parties, overnight tent stays, honeymoon getaways and even weddings, which we already have experience hosting around Northwest Oklahoma. We currently have mobile entertainment service including a DJ and PA rentals. Any sort of event you can imagine will be possible on the riverside.

What We Need & What You Get

All we’re in need of is assistance with a down payment and starting amenities. We’ve managed to negotiate a down payment that we can almost afford, and we’re so close! All we need is a little kindness, faith and help from the community. In return, book your stay or event with us and have confidence we will make it memorable and worth-while.

To break it down, specific things we need include:

  • Landscaping Equipment (Mower, weed eater, etc.)
  • Additional Furniture (TVs, Stands, Lamps, etc.)
  • Kitchen Amenities (Pots, pans, dishes, utensils, etc.)
  • Bathroom Amenities (Toilet paper, towels, rags, etc.)
  • Bedroom Fittings (Sheets, Blankets, Pillows etc.)

If we don’t reach our entire goal this will significantly delay our efforts, but believe we will find a way!

In the event we raise more than expected, your hard-earned money will not go to waste. Our future plans include:

  • Adding several cabins of varying sizes and packages for cabin stays.
  • Adding bunks for group stays
  • Landscaping significantly to include waterways, diverse plant-life, etc.
  • Expanding our possibilities for weddings and similar events. A chapel/arch by a waterfall and reception area.
  • Bed and Breakfast amenities.
  • Spas or hot tubs for winter stays.
  • Deep swimming area against the riverbank.
  • And more ideas every day!

Risks & Challenges

As with any endeavor like this, we face significant challenges. Your efforts will help greatly with these, of course, but our monthly expenses will need to be buffered by income. This means we have to be able to start up quickly to offset expenses. We feel as a family we are more than capable of this.

It is important to note that we will not provide floating opportunities, as we are unable to do this commercially. We will eventually provide private float opportunities and you are more than welcome to reserve a float through one of the resorts, just down the road!

Other Ways You Can Help

You may not be able to contribute, and we respect that fully. But we still need your help! Share this with your friends and family, on your social media, get the word out!

Use the share tools provided by Indiegogo to share our cause on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Thank You!

With your help we can make this secluded riverfront destination a great getaway available for all.