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Medical / Injustice ~ My daughter’s death was helped along by irresponsible, untimely, and substandard care at the hospital. Specifically, she was reported potassium critical and never received (by their admission) the potassium. When it affected her heart, it was mistakenly treated as an anxiety attack with valium, (Due to past history)

When they realized she was having a heart attack, it was already too late. There was a cover up, in that the certified original medical records were sent for three (3) times and they were all different. The admitting diagnosis was for Infection and antibiotic drip signed by me.

Five (5) months later the diagnosis was changed and my signature forged. This was pointed out to me at my own deposition, by the defense team. It was brought up again during the doctors deposition when he was asked if it was his signature? He said no, it must have been one of the nurses, This is typical throughout the whole case.

Legal / Injustice
The attorney who was supposed to be the prosecuting attorney decided to be the defense attorney instead. There were 2 “expert” doctor witnesses, as well as an “expert” nurse witness,but he dismissed the suite against the hospital and nurses (without notifying me or consulting me and by his own admission, not contacting the expert witnesses,) then a month later dismissed the suit against the Doctor, (again with no notification to me) Other attorneys have reviewed the case and laughingly said there was no way he did not make a deal.

I brought attorney ethics charges against him and the person authorized to investigate, was from his own town and referred to him by his first name. (This indicated to me that she either knew him or a family member) She found some misconduct, but recommended to the chair that there be no disciplinary action because she said there was not GROSS misconduct and closed the case. There is much more, but it would take a few more pages to describe.
I was informed that I could appeal the decision. I did just that.I was never personally contacted, but the appeal failed because they “claimed” to have thoroughly investigated the case.

He comes from a family firm of attorneys, and I am only a retired Senior Citizen. They were counting on me not appealing. I was advised that this was to be kept a CONFIDENTIAL matter and I was not to hire an attorney. I sent a one page letter with 16 points proving that the case against the hospital/nurses should never have been dismissed. I have a ton of paperwork and depositions that they refused to look at, even though I sent them originally to the ethics committee. You will note, I did not give the lawyers name or the name of the hospital, but am now seeking to hire an attorney who will challenge the closing of one or both lawsuits. I can’t believe that this can happen in America! The justice system is rigged!

I would like to get my story to the media, but don’t know how. Any donations to help with legal expenses would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading this lengthy Campaign.