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My sister is in Stage 4 heart failure. We are three years apart and my only living immediate family member. We found out 18 months ago that she has two leaking heart valves and enlarged heart and she is inoperable. Since that time I have cared for her at home, brought in additional help and eventually she was moved to a nursing home.

As the only family member I am with my sister as much as possible in her last days. Some days are good and some bad. It is like a roller coaster. Now her pacemaker battery as stopped and her pulse is in the 40’s and she won’t be with me for long.

This took a lot for me to come to post this but I work a part time job which is enough for me to meet all my bills. I have cut back my work schedule in order to spend more time with my sister before she goes to heaven.

I have prepaid for cremation but need to put an additional $2400 for burial. I have also lost so much work to be with her that i am falling behind and $1600 would would get me caught up and keep me afloat until I can return to work.