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Jose “Joey” Cotera Funeral Expense GoFundME Campaign Viral Marketing

Car accident, car up in flames. A parents’ worst nightmare that came true when police informed José’s parents that he died in a car accident in Vero Beach, FL. He was just 24 years old, graduated from the University of Alabama where he proudly belonged to the Million Dollar Band. José wanted to serve his country and was in the final steps of joining the Army. Test had been taken (scoring highest score possible), physical had been done, he was just waiting for the day he would leave for basic training. He had so many dreams.

All who ever met José can attest to his kindness, respect for others, selflessness, and warm heart. He loved his family and friends, and we all loved him back! You can learn more about José by visiting the Facebook page created to honor and share memories about this amazing human being at

José’s parents have not been able to fully cover his funeral and burial expenses, which exceeded $15,000, and they URGENTLY need our help. His mom is on permanent disability and his father suffered a stroke after losing his son. All funds will go directly to the family to cover the funeral and burial expenses and to buy his tombstone.

No parent should have to worry about how to pay for their child’s funeral while dealing with the loss of their beloved son or daughter — he pain of losing a child is terrible enough. So, please, please, please help lighten the financial burden from this family’s shoulders so that they can instead focus on healing their broken hearts.

Please support at