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Jasen Dushane needs a voice help him Fundrazr Viral Promo

Jasen Dushane as served 5 years in prison for a crime he did commit one that he regrets every second..minute..hour..of a waking dawn. That sentience is now served and he should be free.

His charge was credit card theft count 1, time now served.

But count 2 and 3 he did not do! not only did jasen not do it, it has never been committed by anyone in the whole of u.s this is a fact! according to Blockburger and evidence.

The prosecutor cheated and he’s court attorney lied resulting in a sentence til 01-04-2027.

He’s fought hard never give up! Appealing and re-appealing always representing himself, after he’s attorney lied he didn’t and couldn’t trust another, so researched and with the help of law students, and a private investigator found the evidence that will set him free. But that comes at a cost.

He’s had attorney’s offering their expertise but at a cost.This is where he is hoping the good people of america and beyond will come to he’s aide.

Jasen is not a criminal he has served he’s time.

He’s a devoted man of God and has achieved he’s ministry licence he plans on using upon he’s release.

Can you imagine being locked up for a charge you didn’t do? Not knowing where to turn..or go next.. not having the people not locked up take for granted every day!

Please Donate and give jasen the chance to get the life back he deserves.

Please share jasen’s campaign you good people, among your friends on social media. Get him the coverage he deserves.

God bless you all

Thankyou ❤