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Jane’s expenses from acute illness Best GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

I have been ill with an acute illness requiring hospitalization and have been off work with no benefits 5.5 months. These are just the medical bills, not including what I paid out of my savings.

I will send a press release to follow as per Al. Thank you so much Al, this is a true blessing! Have a wonderful day!

My name is Jane and would be most thankful for any assistance in my current state. Four years ago I left an abusive marriage and started my life again on 90.00 dollars and the blessings and support of friends who took me in until I found a job and could support myself.

For four years I have worked very hard and was finally getting back on my feet when I became quite ill over the course of several months and ended up hospitalized for 2 weeks in a row. I am a RN and have been stunned be the horrible experience of the Affordable Care Act and the insurance company. They have denied almost all claims because even though I required acute care,they have deemed it not medically neccessary.

I have no more paychecks nor disability as I work for a small company that advocates for those that can not advocate for themselves due to disabilities. It has been an amazing privilege to advocate and care for others;and most humbling. Now I most humbly ask for any assistance as I need to live,pay my bills especially all the medical.

This is very difficult to ask but I can’t care for others if I am not back on my feet. Any assistance will be a huge blessing.

Thank you for your grace.
Respectfully yours,