I need help saving simba

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This cutie is Simba he 2 weeks old and doesn’t have mommy to protect him, I found him one day and he has had my heart ever since,I’ve had him for 4 days and I’m having terrible issues to make him poop sadly I’ve done everything to make him but now it’s time for a vet someone to exactly help him and I can’t afford it and I don’t wanna see my little baby that so sweet and loves attention in pain . I feel like I’m suppose to help him feel better and to see him die will break my heart I’ve called many vet and there charging me 500$ i have 100 but im missing 400 to help little Simba I’m hoping there are animal lover who can put there heart and help me THANK YOU FOR READING AND TAKING THE TIME GOD BLESS TO THE ONES WHO ARE GOING TO HELP ME SAVE MY SIMBA ❤️