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This may not look as fancy as many other campaigns, but could be a lifeline for me and many attached with my life, Family, workers and more

I have 20 years plus experience in automotive industry, working at top dealerships, managing Aamco franchise and running own gas station and auto repair business

I had Exxon branded gas station with 16 pumps for about 5 years, was doing fine till my underground tanks went bad and had to shut it down, lost bunch of money in the process

Cost of replacing r tanks, dispensers, lines etc, was about $300,000 , I never had that kind of money and even if I did, would not put that into someone’s property
I only had long term lease, Landlord did not offer any help, Exxon distributor ( Shipley Energy ) will not help, if I was able to get a loan of $300,000 my loan installment will be about $5300, and my take home was around $8,000 so after this new loan, I will have only make under $3000 for me, so I had no choice to shut it down, and walk away, lost everything I had ( try selling the business, but no one will buy with problems attached to it )

I live in Virginia and planning to start an on call / on site Brake Repair/Replace business in DC metro area to start with expandable to all 50 states ( Think like Safelite Auto Glass )

Average mobile brake job cost $100 and could go up $300 depending on Year , Make , Model etc. there is at least 20% markup on parts
One mobile van/tech can do 4 jobs a day easy, technicians will be on 50/50 labor sharing , so $200 per day , per van minimum and about $100 plus on parts markup
Will need to develop app, website, get at least 2 vans to start with , unless money is available to roll out big , basic model is $300 profit per day per van/tech , 2 operational units ( a van and a tech is one unit )

I have the knowledge of setting up business, signing up tax exemption for parts purchase, credit card processing , parts sourcing , basic app base estimates to training technicians

I am seeking $55,000 help, please help, so I can be back on my feet, Just want to work again,

Thanking you in anticipation

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