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This is to help and to give us some relief on all these hospital bills we keep getting, her insurance does cover some but not all.

I left my job as a truck driver to take care of our little girl because she wasnt doing well with anyone else, of course mom would love to stay with her but she cant afford to lose her job with my type of work I could find something anywhere anytime so it was the right choice for me to sacrifice my job.

She was born 10/26/2016 with a cleft palate and also she has PRS, our princess already had one major surgery to help her breath and eat although her breathing is improved her eating is still on and off she still struggles.

Her second surgery is next week and we are barely able to keep up with everything and get by but we are definitely trying, we are a very hard working family with 2 kids we purchased our first home last year and we are just trying to survive until we get passed all this which I know we will, thank you to everyone who reads this and donates our family truly appreciates it, GOD BLESS

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