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So I’ve thought long and hard about doing this for a couple of months. I don’t really know how to go about it, but now I’m hear and I’m doing it.

I’m reaching out to the world and anyone in it who may care, writing the cities I dream of, the only way I know possible.

I know the internet can be a shady place now days but before you read everything I have to say so you don’t assume you are wasting your time, please know I’m real.

Me and my family are real people and everything I have to say is from the bottom of my heart and true and I know it’s a weird place to throw my story out there but honestly I don’t really know what else to do so I’m trusting it will fall into the right hands here.

My family is going through a hard time, I’m the youngest of three.

I don’t really talk to my brother too much anymore but am very close with my older sister.

She is the sweetest person I have ever met and has a heart to big for her chest.
We grew up with only a father And he is truly a great one, like my sister he has a big heart and is a very caring person.

He has three dogs that mean everything to him.

His wife, our mom passed away. She committed suicide when I was younger.

She was struggling with mental health issues that just got worse. It’s hard but we remind ourselves she wasn’t in her right state of mind.

It was the hardest on my father. He raised three kids on his own and worked hard to make sure we had everything we need.
He is 55 and hasn’t remarried or let a lone moved on. Even though our mother isn’t talked about anymore I still think she has something to do with him not moving on. He says he isn’t lonely, but I know he is. I can tell sometimes and it’s hard. We are all grown and moved out.
My brother who was closest to our mother went down the wrong track, we have all try to get him back on track. He isn’t talking to us right now cause he knows we don’t agree with his lifestyle and is very hard headed.

My sister lives in another state with her husband she has dated since she was 19, she is 28 now.
Her husband joined the military after a couple of years of not being able to find a good job. Now they are away from us and she just had a baby.
So now it’s me and my dad here, while she is there with no friends and a husband that is caring more about his car and friends then his wife and baby.
As much as I love her husband he has significantly changed after joining the military and finding a group of friends there.
My sister isn’t able to work as much as she would like because he doesn’t help her with the baby so she is borderline completely broke with a new born baby and he spends all his money and times on his friends and car. He takes advantage of how sweet she is.
I pick up extra shifts a week just to send her diapers, formula and anything her baby may need because she isn’t able to breast feed. She never asks for anything and gets so mad when I help but I know she needs it she just doesn’t like me spending extra money I work for on her. She has a car that’s on a verge of repossession that he talked her into getting for the baby.
She went to school to be a dental assistant but was only left with student loans and no luck in finding a job in the field.
It’s so hard to see her in this situation and I want her to leave and come home so bad but I don’t blame her for wanting to try to stick it out to see if things will change, she did just have a baby with this man.

My dad helps as much as he can but he just makes ends meet himself.

On top of raising three kids on his own with no help he has been working his butt off his whole life.

He is 55 and has never been on a vacation, not in all the years I’ve been alive at least. Not a single vacation. Sometimes he talks about Hawaii like it’s a fantasy world that can’t be visited but talks about how beautiful it would be too. He has a run down house he tries his hardest to make into something. It’s so hard seeing someone work so much and not be able to live comfortably.

His job doesn’t provide retirement. It makes me cry thinking my dad is going to have to work his whole life until he physically can’t anymore and I want so bad to be able to take care of him but I only make ends meet myself.

I grew up with social anxiety issues so was home schooled, I started working when I was 16 and have been ever since. I’m not able to live beyond my means and I don’t hate that I’m not able to.

The only thing that makes me wish I had more at my disposal is when I think about how I want so much better for my family, How much more they deserve, how they can’t be happy like they deserve to be cause they live in constant struggle because of the hand life dealt them.

I can’t save them from this stress. The thought of my families lives not getting any better when they are such good people kills me.

A while back my dad took a little bit of money he had worked extra to save and invested it in Iraqi dinar because he was convinced it will revalue.

It makes me want to cry when I see him struggle cause no one wants to see there dad, the man who devoted his whole life to raising his kids struggle, he tells me it will be okay he will be fine and that the dinar is going to revalue.

The last time he said that his voice broke in the process and after that was tears.

I think that was him coming to terms that he got his hopes too high and that it isn’t going to happen. I have known that was unlikely but nothing prepares you for seeing your dad, the best man I have ever known cry.

So why I’m here is for them.

I want to give these people the help they won’t admit they need.

I want them to have the amazing year in 2017 that I know they deserve I want them to be able to see the world. See more then the town they live in especially my dad who has lived in this town his whole life.

I want him to go on his first vacation at 55 while he still able to enjoy it.

I want him to experience more then just work everyday.

I don’t want him to keep thinking that this is it for him. He deserves it.

He deserves the world but since I can’t give it to him I’m seeking out help to give these amazing family the opportunity to get more out of life since they put so much into others. I’m not seeking anything for myself. I’m fine with my job and I’m fine with how I live. I still have a lot of life ahead of me. This is for my family.

So I’m reaching out, not expecting anything but asking anyone that cares to read our story and if you want to help change my families life in anyway let me know. I’m not asking for specifics, anyway you think you can help change our lives would help, even words of wisdom.

Even sharing this story.

I grew up believing you get back what you put out into the world and if that’s true I hope my father becomes the perfect example. He’s giving so much hard work and time into his family, animals and work. I want to give these two a break and a life they deserve.

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