Helping Jonathan Survive Without Insurance

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As so many have, my sweet son-in-law, Jonathan, lost his job and health insurance due to COVID. This is a stressful event for anyone but, even more so for someone with significant heart problems. At only 41-years-young, Jonathan has experienced 3 heart attacks. He was also informed on his birthday last year (of all days) that he has a blood clot in his heart. At that time, the doctors decided to just monitor it as it was determined to be calcified to the wall of his heart. This was discovered during his last heart attack. Fast forward to the morning of the October 8th and we find ourselves with him back in the hospital suffering chest pain, shortness of breath, blood pressure that won’t stabilize, fluid surrounding his lungs, and a doctor who wants to discharge him due to a lack of insurance. During this most recent hospital stay, it has been determined that the clot in his heart is now adding to his overall heart failure. He has been told that he needs a pacemaker or defibrillator pack, at minimum, and, at best, a heart transplant. Due to his lack of insurance, he is told treatment will, instead, consist of new medicine prescriptions and discharge papers.

All of us are, quite honestly, frightened for him to be discharged without the treatment we’ve been told he needs. His wife, Danielle, is being a little “bulldog” in her attempts to communicate concerns to hospital medical and administrative staff. To add to all the concerns for Jonathan medically, he has been told he will not be able to work without the pacemaker or transplant. This is causing great financial hardship.

Jonathan is a loving husband, father, and added member to our family. He has always worked hard to provide for his family. Never would he think he would be supporting my efforts to reach out for donations of any size to go toward assisting with medical and living expenses during this difficult time. Please, if you can, any donation will be greatly appreciated.