On November 7th 2017 my father in law sadly passed away. He suffered with Parkinson and Vascular Dementia which had slowly progressed over 4 years.

On Sunday the 29th of October Dad was admitted to hospital after a rapid acceleration of deterioration which was caused by the neglect and misdiagnosis of the NHS. He was diagnosed with epilepsy instead of taking his other conditions into consideration and the medication he was prescribed triggered a chain reaction of events. This medication forced his brain to start to shut down. Further more, he now had pneumonia which was left unnoticed for 3 days before confirmation regardless of the fact he was unable to breath and his blood oxygen plummeted.

By the 7th day in hospital, Dad had been left in a state of delirium, distress and also irreversible damage to both his brain and his body. After much discussion within the family the decision was made to discharge Dad and take him home to rest peacefully with the aid of palliative care.

Dad survived for 24 hours at home but drew his last breath on the 7th of November at 6:15pm.

Although the family understood the consequences of the conditions Dad had, we were not prepared for such a sudden and rapid death. The money we all spent trying to make Dad comfortable within his own home, keep him well, travelling, caring for him personally and making him as comfortable as possible has wiped out all disposable income and we would like to be able to give him the send off he deserves.

I would like at this point to thank you for taking the time to read my fund raising post and any donations are gratefully appreciated.