Help Veronica and her daughters

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On March 23, like many of you, I was forced to lose my job as a singer and also as a waitress due to COVID-19. Unfortunately the restaurants I worked in had to be closed for obvious reasons and for the protection of us employees. Unfortunately I was unable to get unemployment benefits neither the stimulus check from the government, so I had to resort to asking my church for help. Which helped me with some food money and partially paid my electric bill for one time, only. My restaurant jobs have not decided to open for fear that the coronavirus will continue to spread in our county and for the protection of us employees. All this has also affected me and the utility bills and my car payments are keep on piled up. I have two daughters 18 and 13 years old and the only responsible of my family.  I am asking for a little help through this means because is uncertain the time when everything will return to normal.

I am deeply grateful for any contribution you want to make from your heart. God bless you forever.