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Help Us Help Our Dad Move Forward

Robert Riley Help Us Help Our Dad Move ForwardDONATE Today! Help Us Help Our Dad Move Forward

I am a 58 year old Dad and Grandfather.

Since my late teens I have been dealing with serious physical issues. In 2013 my Doctors diagnosed me totally disabled with a chronic progressive degenerative disc disorder – spinal stenosis with myelophy, siatica, scoliosis, neuropathy. No physical work period. A simple accidental hip-check could lay me out for weeks. At this point I have to humble myself and not be afraid to ask.

I know I need to do something where I can use my brain my body doesn’t want to follow much anymore. My physical limitations are many and there are other limitations that are personal I‘d rather not share here. My options are very limited.

Taking in all factors I believe a business at home would be the best place to earn an income. As far back as the ’90’s I’ve been looking online for something to do at home to supplement my income. Realizing what my future may bring I began to accumulate a vast knowledge of the requirements to start and sustain a successful online business. I put in countless hours to educate and understand what is needed.

Because I was out of work with a microscopic income for 23 months I was homeless dealing with all of this. I was lucky to receive emergency housing for a time. Since May of 2015 I’ve floated from place to place putting a further burden on myself, family members and friends. Recently I found a temporary place.

My family and friends have been tremendous helping when they could. The help is thin today. My children are very young and have their families, their goals and responsibilities – I respect that. I don’t want to be their responsibilitie for the next 30 years. I need to be able to take care of myself and help them when I can.

With a kick start I have every confidence that at the very least I can earn what is needed to take care of myself, monthly responsibilities and necessities without the physical work. I will be educating myself further and teaching/educating others. This business is an investment of time and effort as well as a solid educational opportunity.

Contributions will be used to start this business – initial investment, fees for applicable federal, state and local requirements, licensing, applicable insurance and start up advertising. Having the ability to take care of myself, meet my responsibilities will be a huge relief.

I need to be on my own as soon as time will allow. I am going backwards and the reality of being homeless again at my age with my issues weighs heavy.

I have the ability, past experience, knowledge, drive and determination to make this work to help myself and others. I can’t quit – but I do need help.

Thank You For Taking The Time To Read This.

God Bless

Robert Riley


DONATE Today! Help Us Help Our Dad Move Forward