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Carlos and I are reaching out to ask for help. We are fighting for our kids. The kids are in Tennessee right now and we are here in Texas. We are 875 miles apart and haven’t been able to speak to them freely.

Their mother did not return them after visitation this summer, and now is keeping them. Getting a lawyer to help us fight is essential for us. We have already filed for custody, now we are waiting to go to court. We are schedule for court in Tennessee on August 25th. Arwen lives with us and has lived with us for two years. She has started growing and coming out of her shell so much with us and has made so many friends. Her boyfriend lives here and so does her support group. She has gone from a shy little girl to earning Master Chief in her JCC class and becoming a beautiful young woman.

Nicholas wants to live with us and has made the decision on his own. We want our kids to be happy, healthy, and successful. These kids deserve to grow up knowing their dad and to enjoy being a kid. Please help us get our family back together.

Carlos was laid off in May and my job is cutting my hours. We are living paycheck to paycheck with his unemployment. We are putting our faith in God and reaching out for prayers and support to pay for a lawyer that can help us. Thank you all and God Bless!!