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Help us build our dream stage GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign

We have envisioned a stage so we can tell a story for a upcoming music tour.

We are a boutique/ self funded company called Prohibition Entertainment. My name is A.K Smith-Ford. I am a army veteran who is has made music and media his life.

I work with TRAEDONYA! who is a career recording artist since a teenager. It is all she knows. This isn’t a passion project this is our life.

This is our first project in 6 years. The stage design will allow us to tell the story of music songs. This is more of play because of the project is about 5 iconic sports figures.

As of right now my jobs are limiting my hours. This stage design can not be executed without financial assistance from patrons of the arts. The icons are Derek Jeter, Pele, Kareem Abdul Jabber, Jim Brown and Serena Williams.

All of these individuals have so many stories to tell. Any assistance will allow us to bring this to life.