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This is the story of a rescue cat called
Bob was found on the streets in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in late December, dumped, crying, skinny and with ear mites.

Since then, he has shown himself to be a loving, sweet boy who loves cuddles and loves to sit on your lap and sleep on your shoulder at night.

We fell in love with Bob after losing 2 of our rescues, Jack and Chuckie and recognising their faces in Bob. We are already contributing several hundreds of pounds to getting Bob to Britain but the total cost stands at £1750 pounds.

Bob’s ETA is 20 May as the process is lengthy but we have already started it. We have to pay the bill by the 12th of May.

We are massive animal lovers, especially cats and all our cats are rescues.
Saudi doesn’t have rescues and rely on fosters to care of these beautiful souls.

Bob already shows signs of abandonment issues and anxiety, having been moved twice already. As experienced rescuers, we can’t wait to get Bob to Britain to start what will undoubtedly be a long process to win his trust and to ensure he knows that he will know only love for the rest of his life.

We never set out to rescue so far afield and in that way, Bob found us, we didn’t find him and somehow, without ever meeting him, we are already in love with this boy.

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