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Hello reader my name is Callum Riley I am twenty years old and originally from Scotland. I currently live with my parents as I look after my mum a lot and help round the house with small things but I guess its the small things that paint the bigger picture. I started getting into music when I was around fourteen years old as I always seen it as a way to escape my worries and problems from the outside world. I suffered from a lot of anxiety when I was younger and felt very pressured but music saved me from all these pressures and now I feel I should devote myself to music as it once helped me. I live in a small town and enjoy going to the local recording studio and taking in the talents of upcoming artists. I make music myself but it is very bare if I must say so but I always know that there is room for improvement in every situation no matter what it be. Here is a link to my sound cloud if you feel you want to have a listen – I decided when I was 19 years old that I wanted to write a book on all the different genres that brings the music community together and what makes music so special in itself but with little things always popping up I never got to proceed with it.


So like I said in the little bit about myself section above I got the idea when I was 19 years old I was always very curious on all the music genres often going into deep research for days on end in my room finding out new information day by day. So I decided why not think outside the box and try something new? Do I always have to be so standard about the way I live? Or will I expand my boundaries and go for it like most successful people do. I looked into it all and brought the idea up to my mother who was very understanding about it all and told me if I could get the funds to travel the world to the certain areas I need to go to get the interviews and knowledge to complete a book then do it and do what you feel you need to do!.


Dublin (Irish folk music)

So your probably sitting on your chair right now wondering what does he hope to achieve from all this? and my answer is everything I plan to achieve and what is that you ask? Well my plan Is to right a book on different genres and travel to speak to people in these genres. And my main goal is to complete this book by March 2018 and have it published within UK stores for everyone to know about my adventures I made to get everyone the knowledge they so rightly deserve. I have already set my goals in my diary and I will list these now so here is the list:

Write the book by 2018
have it on the shelves by 2018
get the backing I need to support the project
Give everyone a good sense of my adventure to do this
These are only a few I know it might not look like much but it means a lot to me and they are very meaningful goals in my eyes my number one goal to complete the book.


I know people will be worried on were the funds will go but do not worry I will tell you right now. So every backer needs to know that there money is going to good use and in this case it is the £15000 I hope to raise will cover all my travel expenses and accommodation for the time I will be travelling I hope to be travelling for around 2 months and upon looking into prices etc £15000 should just about be enough to cover me on my adventure around the globe. Just as a precaution I will send all my backers proof of receipts for travel etc so that you all know this is my mission and I will respect everyone’s money that gets invested in me.

why come to kick starter

This is me pouring my heart out to a community that has been well known for helping people achieve greatness in life weather it be small things or big things it does not matter kick starter has been proven to help people and that is why I see it as my last opportunity for a while to ask the world for their help I dont ask you donate money all I ask is to get the word out there give it a share tell your friends or even your family. This project is a massive deal to me and for anyone reading this far down I appreciate you hearing out my need to do this as I feel it will complete me for the person I truly am.


I just want to thank anyone who has read this far down and I just want you to know that if you are going to back me I will not let you down this book is going to be amazing and I would like you to be apart of it I hope you feel great for reading my story and may god be with you through thick and thin.

Thank you and lets do this together!!

Kind regards

Callum Riley

Risks and challenges

Like any project there is a sense of risks and challenges. My challenge is huge I am writing a book so there is no doubt that it is going to be tough but I am prepared to not give up and to overcome the challenge I will know in head that I have an amazing group of backers that believe in me to do what I need to do.
The only risk in this situation is that I dont get to speak to the right people but hey there is plenty of people I have lined up so it should not be a problem it is a very slim risk this will happen as all of the people have agreed to give me there thoughts on the industry when I fly out to meet them.